EnduroPacks Electrolyte Spray : review

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What is in Your Electrolyte Beverage?

After an intense workout or run sometimes I grab an electrolyte drink to replenish essential nutrients. but did you know that the leading electrolyte beverages contain added sugar, and junk ending in ose? drinks with added sugar just adds empty calories to your diet and will not help fitness routine. In fact they can just slow you down.

We compared nutrition labels from three electrolyte solutions and came to the conclusion that only one will keep you hydrated and replenish the body’s essential minerals without being harsh on your stomach and full of empty calories.

Gatorade, the most well-known electrolyte beverage, has been around since 1965. most professional athletes are seen drinking this during and after games and competitions. When examining the Gatorade label we found that it is full of ingredients ending in ose.

Sucrose, glucose, fructose – anything ending in ose is actually sugar.  These nasty ingredients can can cause stomach issues and GI-distress for athletes working out.  They also give you unwanted empty calories.

Powerade hasn’t been around as long as Gatorade but it is popular among families because it is less expensive. When we took a closer look at the Powerade label we found that high fructose corn syrup was listed as one of the main ingredients.

High fructose corn syrup is worse than plain table sugar. High fructose corn syrup if consumed regularly can trick your body into wanting more, which leads to something similar to an addiction and it can contribute to weight gain and obesity. Personally, I try to avoid HFCS as much as I can.

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EnduroPacks liquid Electrolyte Spray Review

Only one electrolyte beverage passed our test and is free of sugar and artificial sweeteners. EnduroPacks liquid Electrolyte Replacement spray has the healthy moms magazine seal of approval. It is fast absorbing, with just a hint of natural lemon flavor, and includes sodium plus 13 naturally-occuring minerals: potassium, magnesium, copper, manganese, zinc, cobalt, selenium, silica, iodine, chromium, boron, silver, and vanadium plus other minerals in trace amounts. EnduroPacks spray comes in a small convenient 2 fl oz bottle that fits into any gym bag, backpack or purse. All you need to do is add 10 sprays to your bottled water or favorite beverage.

The minerals found in this formula help:

Improve blood flow and muscle contraction
Reduce muscle cramps
Facilitate energy production
Support a strong immune system
Replenish alkaline pH-levels

The EnduroPacks website says that their liquid Electrolyte Replacement spray contains a hint of lemon flavor, although when I tried it in my water I couldn’t taste a difference at all.  I also did not notice a difference in my physical performance before, during and after my morning runs. For more information about EnduroPacks and find out how they compare to your favorite sports drink visit: enduropacks.com.

*I received a bottle of EnduroPacks liquid Electrolyte Replacement spray in exchange for this review. Toate opiniile sunt corecte și 100% mină.

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